Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lord of the Rings Medley

Performed by: Lindsey Sterling   
A bit off topic in the fashion department, but still beautifully done. Had to share. =)

Rivendell State of Mind by: Ellerysen

    I wanted to feature my new cloak in this outfit. I recently purchased the Cloak of the Ibis from the LOTRO Store and was inspired by it as well as the elves for this next outfit. When I first joined Lord of the Rings online I didn't know much about the books and movies. So when choosing my race and homeland I really had no idea what I was doing. So I chose a female Race of Man character and set her homeland to be Bree-land. As I played the game I became more and more interested in Lord of the Rings so I started reading the books and watching the movies. I found out that I really enjoyed the story. I also realized that I so wanted to be an elf! But, I am content with my female hunter.  I do play an elf rune-keeper from time to time though.  So to get to the point this is my female hunter in what I think is a nifty elven look for my hunter!

Fishing Outfits

Browen's Fishing Outfit

"Recently fishing has become one of my favorite things to do when I don't feel like leveling up. At the moment I have a lot of quests in Moria so it looks like I will be fishing...a lot. This outfit is pretty basic. I just used the existing fishing themed cosmetics that are available since at the moment I don't have any cool items for cosmetic use."

If you closely it appears that a fish is trying to nibble the hook that's on the end of the pole on my backpack. 
I can even catch a fish while I am resting!

Head: Straw Hat, no dye. (Skirmish Barter)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Eorlingas, default. (Isengard Preorder)
Back: Fisher's Backpack, no dye. (Skirmish Barter)
Chest: Fisherman's Shirt and Waders, dyed Black. (Quest Reward)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lake Evendim Fishing Trip

My friend Bronwen and I took a little fishing trip in Evendim this weekend. Individual outfit photos as well as item info will be posted later.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Humble Hobbit by: Ellerysen

This is Personal Chef, named for her abilities as a yeoman, Personal is a very accomplished farmer and cook, but even though she is so talented she just enjoys the simple things in life. Good food, Good music, and Good smoke!

Return to Rivendell by: Ellerysen

While crossing the Ford of Bruinen today it hit me... I have always wondered what changes would take place in Arwen's style after living in Gondor for a time. So I devised a "Return to Rivendell" look for my elf rune-keeper.  This is how I imagine Arwen's style would have adapted.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Ale Connoisseur by: Ellerysen

     I wanted to make an outfit that was fit for spring, but also inspired a story behind it. So I came up with the "The Ale Connoisseur."

     Elle has been employed by the Inn League to survey the land for competition. Elle sets out from her homeland of Bree to get started on this long and exciting adventure. Equipped with everything a true ale tester needs (a beer mug and tolerance), Ellerysen is ready to venture throughout Middle-earth to sample tasty brews from pub to pub! The first stop on her journey of intoxication, The Shire! To be exact, she is heading to Stock to drink up at the excellent alehouse called The Golden Perch. This is going to be a long and tedious journey for Elle. She will have to have a lot of downtime to recover from all these intoxicating and delicious brews!