Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blue With Envy by: Ellerysen

    I have been working on my Rune-keeper's epic quest line lately. While gallivanting around Middle-earth I came across these 3 lovely outfits. I had forgotten most of the quests from my first run through on my hunter so these came as a surprise. Arwen is of course always in Rivendell, but I do not frequent there as much as I did in lower levels. I had forgotten how beautiful her npc's clothing is. I came across Isildur during a session play for Vol 3. I am more of a pretty dress girl, but this armor is spectacular! I especially love the cloak he is wearing. As for Gwindeth... Absolutely gorgeous and mystical! I am so jealous! Why don't we as players get this sort of thing to wear? I would definitely shell out some turbine points for something like this. Also her headpiece! Really a top notch outfit!  Anywho, Just thought I share these with you guys!

     Arwen                                          Isildur                                          Gwindeth

    Arwen                                          Isildur                                           Gwindeth

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Masquerade Ball

  Roleplaying.. Not really my thing, but I did enjoy myself at the Masquerade ball on Saturday. There was music, drinks, and lovely costumes! I was surprised at the turn out, we do not get many events like this on Imladris Server. I arrived with my new pal and fellow cosmetic lover, Candle, and we were shortly joined by my friend Bronwen in her awesome turtle costume.  Candle won 500tp for Most Colourful, and Bronwen won some gold and dyes for her epic turtle outfit! Congrats guys!

     My outfit was quite simple. I really wanted to wear the Helm of the West-Tower, and the rest sort of just followed it. The Reveller's dress and cloak seemed to just fit perfectly with this helm. As well as the shoulder piece. I swear it was meant to be, but alas I did not win any of the contests. I did however make some great new friends! I met Faellindh(right) and Eladannen(left) at the Ball. They were dressed as a couple. Eladannen was the Thrill-seeker while Fae was the thrill, or at least that is how she put it. hehe

Here is a photo of Fae and I just getting off stage after showing off our costumes. 
(Fae appears to be laughing, I made her laugh often that evening lol)

After awhile the party died down and it was time to go for me. I managed to get a lovely picture of other people with the same idea. (Walking away regally is a very roleplay thing to do! hehe)

All in all it was a great party, and I will definetly be attending more in the future.

Head: Helm of the West-Tower, Default dye (Lotro Store)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Seven Stars, Default dye (Skirmish Barter)
Chest: Reveller's Gilded Party Dress, dyed Purple (Lotro Store)
Back: Reveller's Gilded Cloak, dyed Purple (Lotro Store)
Mount: Prized Rivendell Horse

Monday, July 9, 2012

Apparel Dummies

   I Came across these apparel dummies in Michel Delving today. When you click on them it brings up the LOTRO store and directs you to a bundle that includes all the items on the dummy. The bundles range in price from highest 1295 to the low price of 325. Personally I own many of the items on these dummies already so I won't be purchasing any.