Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blue With Envy by: Ellerysen

    I have been working on my Rune-keeper's epic quest line lately. While gallivanting around Middle-earth I came across these 3 lovely outfits. I had forgotten most of the quests from my first run through on my hunter so these came as a surprise. Arwen is of course always in Rivendell, but I do not frequent there as much as I did in lower levels. I had forgotten how beautiful her npc's clothing is. I came across Isildur during a session play for Vol 3. I am more of a pretty dress girl, but this armor is spectacular! I especially love the cloak he is wearing. As for Gwindeth... Absolutely gorgeous and mystical! I am so jealous! Why don't we as players get this sort of thing to wear? I would definitely shell out some turbine points for something like this. Also her headpiece! Really a top notch outfit!  Anywho, Just thought I share these with you guys!

     Arwen                                          Isildur                                          Gwindeth

    Arwen                                          Isildur                                           Gwindeth


Anonymous said...

I always think this during the session play quests. The characters have such lovely outfits that I wish I could access. Haha still, if nothing else it inspires me to match them with ideas of my own :)

- Candle

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