Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another Story Outfit

   I enjoyed making the outfit story so much that I decided we should make another one! But this time we will be asking you guys to vote on what we should choose! Leave your creative or classic ideas in the comments. I will choose 4 of your ideas to be placed into a poll for you to vote on. The idea with the most votes will be our next story concept!

  Can't think of any ideas? Here are some mediums with which you could choose! Video Games, Movies, Tv shows, etc.

   Please note: We will need a bit of time between the closing of the poll and the actual production of the story so don't expect it for quite some time! In the meantime there will be normal outfits posted randomly.

I think this will be very interesting and fun to do! Hehe

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Gracy May said...

How about acting out a scene from The Hobbit!

Bella said...

Sappy as it sounds how about a hobbit version of Twilight? Just a scene from any of the movies.

Billywig said...

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

Fashion Fiend said...

How about Sweeney Todd?

The Imp said...