Friday, June 1, 2012

Stangard Saviour by: Ellerysen

   I've been kindred with The Riders of Stangard for quite awhile now, but haven't tinkered with the new Rohirrim Tunic and Trousers. There are a few dyes that look very nice on this tunic, such as umber and sienna, but I went with olive. For the obvious reasons of course, its close to the colors worn by the Rohirrim, but also olive is just so pretty in the game. I was slightly disappointed in this tunic however. If you look closely in some of the pictures you can see my pant legs are clearly poking out of my boots! Seems to be the only tunic I've come across that does this. Maybe it will be fixed in future. Other than that little hiccup, the tunic is a very nice addition to my cosmetic collection. I was also disappointed in the mount.. the green they used is a bit faded, but its beautiful nonetheless.

 Decided to mess with the guards of Eorlsmead Tower a bit hehe.

Character Credentials: Female - Race of Man - Hunter

Head: Worn Ranger's Hood, dyed Olive (Quest Reward)
Shoulders: Westfold Campaign Shoulder Pads, dyed Olive (Tier 7 Craft)
Chest: Rohirrim Tunic and Trouser's, dyed Olive (Stangard Barter)
Hands: Fingerless Glove's, dyed Umber (Help the Poor at Yule Festival)
Feet: Disused Boots of the Dunland Soothsayer, dyed Umber (Dunland Quest Reward)

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Daeross said...

Thank you for using that tunic, letting us see it a bit better than the dressing room allows; it looks beautiful and something I can't wait to get into my hands!

You've found pieces that match well with it, too; those shoulderpads seem to be made for that costume, and the same goes for the Rangers' Hood.